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The Rich Dad World PowerPack is a collection of popular Rich Dad products designed to help people take charge of their own financial future through learning smart investing and money management principles. The Rich Dad World PowerPack stresses the critical mission of the Rich Dad Company: to elevate the financial well being of humanity.

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Each item in the Rich Dad World PowerPack has been included to help you get started in increasing your personal financial IQ.

Your Rich Dad World PowerPack includes:

  • Selections from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad audio book.  This is the #1 best selling personal financial book of all time, and will help open your eyes to financial education in a whole new way.
  • The How We Got Out of Bad Debt audio course and workbook will help you learn how to conquer bad debt now!  Learn the secrets that Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim used to turn around their own bad situation into one where they made millions of dollars. 
  • How to Predict the Future seminar highlights from Robert’s sold out 3-day live seminar. Watch over 4 hours of Robert and his team teach what you need to know about finance in this intense, unedited training event.

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