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Most people set out to get an education in hopes of getting a safe and secure job and ultimately being able to provide for themselves and their family. However, the education most people receive doesn’t actually teach them what they need to know to be truly successful and in command of their finances. Consider the three types of education:

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Academic Education

Rich Dad Academic's

This is what we all have gone to school to learn. It is very important and teaches us the foundation of how to read, write, learn and function in the world.


Professional Education

Rich Dad Professional

This is what we learn to help us be successful in our careers. We may learn this in college or trade school or the job. It is the information and skills we need to be successful at our work.


Financial Education

Rich Dad Financial

This is the type of education that teaches us what we should be doing with our money to be successful. In today’s world, financial education is crucial, especially with the world economy in recession or depression. However, our school systems don’t teach us about financial education and so most people have never been taught what they need to know in order to take control of their financial lives.

Rich Dad Financial

When Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, he subtitled it: “What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money — That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!” Unless you grew up around the rich, you probably have never been taught even the basics you need to be rich.

While most people have been given the opportunity to pursue academic or professional educations, they have not been given access to the resources necessary to acquire a strong financial education.  It is for that reason that the Rich Dad Company and Robert Kiyosaki are giving you free access to an exclusive collection of products.

The Rich Dad World PowerPack is designed to help you
increase your financial education and learn the secrets of the rich.

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